What are the main causes of hair loss?

We are all subjected to hair loss at some point of time in our lives. It may be because of a change in climate or water. But there are certain routines that we can follow to ensure that hair loss is curbed. In this article let us take a look at a few of the main causes of hair loss and the remedies to overcome hair loss. While there are proven benefits of using Ayurvedic oil for hair fall, there are several other hair oil for hair regrowth. Let us take a look at all. 

Main causes:

Hormonal changes

As we age, our body is subjected to several internal and external changes. Hormonal change is a major contributor to hair loss. Generally, women with PCOS or thyroid issues come across hair loss more evidently. This is also common among women during their pregnancy period. Since there is a change in their hormones during this period, it contributes to hair loss.


We all are living a very busy life. Be it at the office or at home, we are experiencing different kinds of tensions. When we are confused about how to go about things at work or at home, it contributes to stress and ultimately results in spoiling our health. Stress is one of the main causes of hair loss. 


If we are under medication because of any health concerns, there is a chance of getting affected by hair loss. Hair loss can be a result of the side effects of certain medications.

Styling products

Styling products that are recommended by certain salons can have a very adverse effect on your hair. You need to make sure that you do thorough research before you opt for products as part of your health care routine. This is very important when we look for cosmetic products for our hair care. 

In order to overcome hair loss, make sure you use the Best Ayurvedic oil for hair fall. Natural products can have no harm to your hair. It can strengthen your hair and these results are long-lasting. Don’t let fake advertisements and promotions make a fool out of you.

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